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What is IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy?

Revive Therapy and Wellness is providing wellness therapy for years. Located in Miami Lakes, Revive has been consistently providing the quality services and thereby won the trust of their valuable customers. The revive therapy and wellness is providing a number of services which we say IV cocktails.

The list of some of the services is mentioned as below;

  • Chelation IV
  • Anti-Aging IV
  • Revive Signature IV
  • Hydration IV
  • Detox and Mineral (IV Push)
  • Calm IV
  • Weekly Vitamin IV
  • Extreme Fat Loss IV
  • Immune Defense IV
  • Brain RX IV
  • Energy Recharge IV
  • Healthy Pregnancy IV
  • Sleep IV

Further, the revive therapy and wellness is providing IV vitamin hydration therapy. 


What is IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy?

IV therapy means intravenous therapy. The drugs are injected in liquid form directly in the vein. The intravenous route is used for infusions (with the help of pressure by gravity) or injections (with the help of syringe).

It is the method of injecting or infusing the vitamin and minerals in the body. The treatment infuses or injects the combination of nutrients and water in the blood. It is claimed that the therapy has a number of health advantages from improvement in athletic performance to relive the hangover and stress.

IV vitamin hydration therapy is used widely and for decades in the hospital for treating the number of conditions. It is most commonly used by the people who want athletic, beauty, energy, immunity or nutritional boost. This therapy is becoming so popular for the urban people and also amongst the celebrities.

When we are considering taking vitamins and minerals through IV, it really works. The reason is the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are the building blocks of the human body. That is the reason why this therapy offers a number of advantages.

Any IV therapy acts almost on an immediate basis. This is the main advantage of taking IV therapy instead of pills. The pills take time are also not absorbed fully in the body while IV has immediate benefits and effects.

Hence, for fast and effective therapy IV vitamin hydration therapy is the best.



  • Healthy Skin and anti-aging
  • It is very common to find a dry skin for the people who have a poor nutrition and poor hydration. Certainly, IV vitamin and hydration therapy works for them.

    Can't figure out which shampoo best suits you? Can’t figure out which skin cream is right for you? Revive therapy and wellness is the perfect choice for you. Instead of buying a number of shampoos for your hairs or creams for your skin, take IV vitamin hydration therapy which immediately improves your hair and skin.

  • Survival of cancer
  • It is certain that IV vitamin hydration therapy helps the body to heal from the devastating effects of cancer. It helps in reducing the physical discomfort which is caused by cancer.

    Further, it has been proven that the therapy helps cancer survivors to deal with the side effects of the undergoing treatments. It helps in boosting the overall immune system of the cancer patients.

    Revive therapy and wellness is the perfect partner in a survival of this severe disease called cancer. We aim to treat the patient and make them feel that we care for them.


  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • It is quite obvious that vitamin is very essential nutrients of the body. Without the right amount of vitamins in the body, the health suffers which may lead to serious health diseases.

    Revive therapy and wellness is offering a number of IV cocktails in a systematic manner which ultimately helps in reducing the vitamin deficiency of the human body.

  • Improve low libido
  • One of the common reasons for decreasing the sex drive is vitamin deficiencies and dehydration. We help in improving your sex life and thereby overall health and wellness. Boost your low libido with Revive health and wellness at our Miami Lakes facility. The treatments actually spark in sex drive and make the healthy relationship with your spouse.

  • Obesity
  • Yes, IV vitamin hydration therapy helps in reducing the excessive weight. The therapy aims in delivering the nutrients directly to the bloodstream. Hydration is very essential for removing unessential cells and losing weight. Specifically, vitamin B12 helps in improving the metabolism and reducing the unwanted weight.


    Health Risks

    Any hydration treatment comes with the health risks. As an illustration, it has a risk of pain and bruising, infections, blood clot etc. Anything in excess is harmful to the body. Yes, a human body is capable to absorb vitamins and nutrients by oral consumptions through drinking and eating. However, sometimes it is recommended to take the vitamins and minerals through IV.

    In the case of Revive therapy and wellness, the treatment is given only and only by the health professionals and nutrition expert. The risk is minimal or there is no risk while you are with us. We have a highly trained professional team who is continuously working towards the improvement and betterment of our patients who suggests the right treatment after considering the number of factors.