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What is Cryogenic Therapy?

What is cryogenic therapy?

Cryogenic therapy was formed in Japan in the year 1978 to treat rheumatoid and its benefits have undergone study from that time. It is now being utilized in many places in the world and results are outstanding. Many cyrosaunas utilize liquid nitrogen to lower the skin temperature of the client to fifty degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes. Liquid nitrogen makes the cold but the clients do not come into contact with the gas. The skin reacts to the cold, sending a message to the brain, and stimulates regulatory body functions, helping areas which are functioning to their full potential.

The hyper-cooling process of cyrotherapy which lowers the skin temperature of the individual to about thirty degree Fahrenheit in three minutes does it by enveloping the body with cold air at very low temperatures. This process reduces inflammation in the body.


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Thermo receptors in the skin, during this time, send signals to the brain which sends a signal to the blood to maintain body temperature through vasoconstriction. Toxins get flushed from the peripheral tissues and the blood gets enriched with nutrients, enzymes, and oxygen. The body then activates all natural healing abilities and then releases endorphins for additional benefits.

As the body starts warming up, the rich blood flows back into the body through vasodilation. For this reason, whole body cyrotherapy is effective for muscle repair, athletic recovery, enhancement of wellness and health, and reduction in chronic inflammation and pain. There are two major types of cyrotherapy; partial body cooling and full body cooling. Since there are heat receptors in the head and chest, some people claim that whole body cooling offers great autonomic response with a high cellular activation.

Partial body cooling provides less autonomic response with less activations of the cell. Whole body does not utilize nitrogen but a sophisticated smart fridge. You can also choose to do the therapy from the whole-body cyrotherapy chamber. This chamber gives the head the allowance to be included in the procedure. You can choose to have headphones to listen to music or chose to go in with a friend. The top benefits of this procedure include accelerated sports recovery, reduced inflammation, elevated mood, improved sleep, vigilance, and mental alertness. It is also crucial for antioxidants and collagen synthesis.

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Cyrotherapy for the whole body involves exposing the body to very low temperatures. Intense cooling reduces giant physiological changes in the body. At the beginning, as the vessel of the blood constrict, blood moves from limbs to vital body organs. It is a natural and protective measure the body takes while responding to increased cold. When several systems in the body start getting affected, benefits will start showing up.

The white blood cell count starts increasing causing a powerful, positive immune response and reduced inflammation. Water weight is reduced and circulation is improved as the circulation system continues to react. The endocrine system starts functioning with noradrenaline and endorphin release and increased hormones in the bloodstream. Cortisol reduction is realized as DHEA and testosterone increases. This session induces systemic responses which offer a lot of advantages like increased recovery, reduced pain, improved hormone production, and muscle strength. Healing time is totally different amongst individuals.

The individual looking for improved sleep and energy will benefit from this faster than an individual treating a particular condition. A person that has had pain for long will consider this therapy a relief even if the pain will come back later.

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You can start feeling the healing after three minutes, and on some occasions, less. Patients with rheumatoid disease experienced a reduction in pain significantly. When you undergo cyrotherapy regularly, chronic pain and inflammation will be reduced and joints will work well. After the procedure, you need a lot of energy for the body to get hot.

Instead of opting for antidepressants, it is crucial to go for this procedure because it will release endorphins in the bloodstream and the mood will increase after the session. Endorphins also communicate with pain receptors, reducing pain in return. The appearance of wrinkles will lessen as the collagen of the skin increases. Routine cyrotherapy will help improve the resilience of the skin, rejuvenate the collagen matrix, and reduce the appearance of fatty deposits and cellulite on the surface of the skin. Three minute of this freeze is worth the benefits that come with it. Just keep the eyes on the prize and all things will be doable. 

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