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Miami Lakes Best IV Vitamin Infusion Clinic

How would you like to bounce out of bed in the morning after a restful night’s sleep full of energy? What about not catching the office cold for one time in your life? Or how would you like help recovering from that overindulgence? If you would like any of these things then IV Hydration Services might be the answer that you have been looking for! IV Hydration Services began with the Meyer’s cocktail in the 1950s.

The contents of that cocktail are not known now but the industry has advanced by leaps and bounds to help people realize better health, more energy, and life with a clear mind. How are these cocktails administered? They are administered directly into the bloodstream by means of IV access. Why by IV and not by mouth? For the simple reason that you cannot safely take enough pills to get the amount of vitamins that can be provided by IV. The best place to obtain IV hydration services is at Revive Therapy & Wellness conveniently and centrally located throughout Miami-Dade County, with Miami Lakes being our headquarters for all Miami branches.

Revive IV Lounge - Florida's Best IV Nutrition Therapy


But wait, are these services safe? Absolutely! At Revive IV Lounge you will see a doctor before any treatment begins and your treatment will be supervised by a doctor. In addition, a certified nurse will administer your treatment. In fact, you will feel so good after your treatment that you will be able to go about your daily activities feeling revived and energized!

Revive IV Lounge has high standards for all of its IV cocktails. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your IV cocktail will be manufactured in the Unites States and have the following attributes:

  • Isotonic
  • Osmolar
  • Magnetized
  • Alkaline

Revive IV Lounge - Florida's Best IV Nutrition Therapy


You are able to choose from many options for you IV cocktail at Revive IV Lounge. Some cocktails promote overall health and others target specific issues. The IV cocktails available at Revive IV Lounge are:

  • Revive Signature IV – cover all the angles
  • Brain Rx IV – improves mood and prevents cardiovascular disease
  • Chelation IV – increases energy and addresses heart disease
  • Detox IV Push – replenish vitamins and minerals
  • Immune Defense IV – helps prevent illness and fights the common cold
  • Mineral IV add on – replenishes important minerals
  • Fat Loss IV add on – helps fat to move out of your body
  • Healthy Pregnancy IV – to support a healthy pregnancy
  • Surgery Recovery IV – designed to provide relief after surgery
  • PMS Cure – menstrual relief at last
  • Anti Aging IV – to rejuvenate your body
  • Extreme Detox IV – need I say more?
  • Hydration IV – basic hydration treatment
  • Energy Recharge IV – to help you recharge your batteries
  • Party Prep IV – for those special occasions
  • Athlete Prep IV – prep like an athlete
  • Hangover Rescue IV – in case you forget to get the Party Prep IV
  • Calm IV -  cool as a cucumber, stress free
  • Extreme Fat Loss IV – for when you need extra support
  • Weekly Vitamin IV – your weekly dose of vitamins
  • Sleep IV – dreamland here you come
  • Immune Boost IV – just in case you run into somebody who is sick

Revive IV Lounge - Florida's Best IV Nutrition Therapy


Wow! That’s a lot of IV cocktails to choose from! There is one here to help in every aspect of your life and the procedure is completely safe. You are monitored by a doctor every step of the way and the caring certified nurses at Revive IV Lounge will get your IV cocktail administered in as little as thirty to seventy minutes (depending on your body makeup). So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get healthy and energized with an IV cocktail at Revive IV Lounge! Call these caring health care professionals today and make your appointment for a refreshed and energized life.

Revive IV Lounge - Florida's Best IV Nutrition Therapy