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Healthy Pregnancy IV

Prenatal vitamins have been on the market for years. These oral supplements provide daily doses of the many nutrients that mothers will need to keep their babies healthy throughout pregnancy. 

However, these vitamins do not take into account that each woman is different thanks to their individual health, daily activities, and preexisting conditions. Our medical team is dedicated to determining what supplements are needed for each patient and how much is required to achieve a healthy body that is ready for pregnancy.

While orally ingested vitamins and healthy diets will help expose your body to the nutrients it needs, a vast portion of these supplements will not be absorbed due to the digestive process. Intravenous Vitamin Therapy for pregnancy will directly inject each nutrient that you need into your bloodstream.

Through bypassing the digestive system, your body’s cells are directly exposed to the vitamins and minerals, giving them a chance to absorb them without interference and in as little time as possible.


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