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Best Medical Weight Loss in Miami-Dade County

Losing weight in these times is a bit difficult, with life so hectic that some, many people do not have the time to attend a gym or just do not like the fact of having to exercise. Drinking water is very good but it takes almost two hours for the gastrointestinal system to absorb it. 

Revive IV Lounge Therapy offers you a fast and effective way to lose weight without taking up too much time in your day through rehydration therapy. This consists of a serum full of vitamins that allows you a much faster recovery than if you were drinking water and electrolytes. In Revive IV Lounge Therapy we offer you the assistance of a doctor, who will adjust the dose according to your sex and your weight.


The rehydration therapy offered by Revive IV not only helps you lose weight, fights jet lag, excessive exercise or dehydration from any cause and flu symptoms. Attacks the excess of alcohol after a night of partying. It helps you improve the performance of your day, rehydrates your body and strengthens your immune system.

Revive IV together with certified doctors, clinical science professionals and a team of experts in nutrition and supplements, we have created 12 IV infusions to combat and help all aspects of your health, only 45 minutes will be enough for these infusions to start creating a beneficial effect on your body. In addition, all our products are administered by highly qualified nurses. The infusions that Revive IV offers its public are isotonic, osmolar, magnetized, alkaline, and manufactured in the USA. UU and analyzed independently.


Among our products we can highlight the following:

  • Revive Signature IV: this is one of our best products; this infusion is composed of a mixture of BCAA for cell recovery and regeneration, carnitine for fat loss, Argentina to create a vasodilator effect, and helps with chronic fatigue.
  • Brain RX IV: This solution improves cognitive function, helps improve memory, also detoxifies, promotes intestinal health and improves mood.
  • Chelation IV: removes toxins, improves circulation, helps you maintain a high level of energy and keeps you focused.
  • Fat Loss IV: this product has Carnitine and Argenina, these are amino acids that promote the movement of cellulite.
  • Healthy Pregnancy IV: our medical team is dedicated to determining what supplements are needed for each patient and how much is needed to achieve a healthy body that is ready for pregnancy, using intravenous therapy, vitamins are injected directly into the bloodstream, cover every nutrient needed by the pregnant woman
  • Extreme Detox IV: this is the best choice you can make if you are suffering from an extreme hangover, food poisoning, colds, and allergies or for anyone who is completely exhausted and exhausted.
  • Athlete Prep IV: When you drink water or any drink to increase your performance, your digestive system does not absorb all the nutrients it offers. IV hydration therapy sends its nutrients directly through the bloodstream to be absorbed faster and more effectively.


We have been serving many clients with Harmon replacement and many other services for many years now. Our long list of satisfied customers is our pride and we love to help our customers. If you are facing obesity and you have tried many treatments but nothing was successful then contact us we will help you to gain your goal weight.  If you want to contact us or acquire some of our products you can get us at or at our clinic in Miami Lakes, Florida - Revive Therapy and Wellness: 15485 Eagle Nest Lane, Suite #210b, Miami Lakes, FL 33104. Our Phone: (305) 489-1873